Kodo Martial Arts is the home of the World Hapkido Federation (WHF), directed by Master Myung Roe Jai.


The WHF was founded by Grandmaster Myung Kwang Sik, a direct student of Dojunim Choi Yong Sool. The WHF is the oldest and one of the largest Hapkido federations in the world, dedicated to the preservation and proliferation of authentic Hapkido.

With a student body that ranges from beginners to seasoned martial artists, Kodo Martial Arts strives to provide each student with a solid understanding of Hapkido fundamentals.

Under the watchful eye of Master Myung, each class presents a series of techniques and conceptual material that encourages the student to test their limits and push their physical boundaries, all the while maintaining the utmost respect for the art and each other. With a focus on practical self-defense and traditional Hapkido technique, Kodo Martial Arts stands uniquely alone.

Come join us today and experience why The World Hapkido Federation continues to grow and expand, bringing authentic Hapkido to practitioners worldwide.

WORLD HAPKIDO FEDERATION Seminar 2012 - Athens Greece

WORLD HAPKIDO FEDERATION Seminar 2012 - Athens Greece